Monday, May 23, 2011

A Whopper and an Artist

So today was a sad day...

at least for a mom who is struggling watching her kids grow up. For all level minded individuals it would constitute a great day where 2 amazing kids closed the door on a small part of their life, only to open a new door. 

It was Award Day at school!

Ainsley's class was our first stop. We arrived at her class and there were 5000 people waiting to go in to watch their child, grandchild, 3rd cousin finish Pre-k. They started with a little slide show of their year in Pre-K (tear jerker),  then they received their awards (more about this in a minute) and then finished up with the Rite of Passage dance also known as the "Cha-Cha Slide". Ainsley does a little too much "grooving"with the Cha-Cha, but she loves it. As a side note, it is also a very funny dance when the majority of the participants are unsure of their right and left... 'slide to the left, slide to the right'. Ainsley, like the rest of her peers, received an award today. Her teachers were very creative with their awards and gave "Candy Awards", the child received the candy that matched their award . One child received a Laffy Taffy award because they were always smiling and laughing, another child received the Score award because they are so athletic, then a child received a Zero award because she had gotten in trouble "zero" times this year...I have to be honest, at this point I started to look at the table still holding the candy that had yet to be handed out, in search of 100 Grand bar, sure that this would fit the number of times Ainlsey DID get in trouble. Ainsley, did finally receive her award, and to my relief it was not a 100 Grand bar instead it was Whoppers. For those of you who know Ainsley, she can tell lies with a straight face, but she is also dramatic and expressive to the extreme. The teachers explained the award and said "Ainsley, received the Whopper Award, because she is our best storyteller. She tells very good and very LONG stories!" I loved it. I fought back some tears. She has grown so much this year. She is so bright and inquisitive and that was really fostered this year. She had some great teachers and learned a ton. Thanks Mrs. Torbett and Mrs. Langley! 

Here is a picture of Ainsley after she received her award. 

We then went to Lincoln's class to watch his awards and slide show. He really is growing up and it is happening way too fast! Since this was a first grade award show the crowd wasn't as massive, really just parents, siblings and a few grandparents. It was so sweet watching their slide show. These kids will go to school together their whole life, and I can imagine how embarrassed they will be when I insist on showing this little jewel to them when they are in highschool! and I will insist! Lincoln's class had your classic elementary school awards. Fast Boy Runner, Fastest Girl Runner, Smiliest, etc....see classics! The teacher, Mrs. Brooks, explained that the kids pick the awards and that some things are really important to 1st graders, like the aforementioned "Fastest" awards. In the past couple of years that Lincoln has been in school and received an end of the year award, their has been a theme to his awards and this year was not an exception. Lincoln received the "Most Artistic Award". He really does amaze us with his drawing, lego building, and creative abilities. Among just being an all around great kid! I am so proud of my munchkins and the people they are becoming!

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