Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

So the kiddos have started back to school.

Clara is in her second year at Early Headstart. It is such a great place for her. Her therapist is able to come to the daycare and do her therapy once a week. I think it helps her so much to be around kids her age and encourages her to strive to pull up and stand and move around. She has also recently qualified for Speech therapy since she is a little delayed in her expressive speech. Despite her expressive speech delay she is above average in receptive language and the emotions that go along with being told certain things she may not want to hear, like "No!". She is also closing in on the terrible 2's and had a complete meltdown during therapy this week. Hopefully therapy will go better now that she is back in school and in a routine. 
she is telling lies! How could someone as cute as me throw fits?

Lincoln and Ainsley have also started back to school. Lincoln is in 2nd grade (tears) with lots of friends from previous years in his class. On his first day home from school he said "She is the nicest teacher in the whole school". Lincoln had a super nice teacher last year who set the bar really high so his new teacher must have wings and a halo!

Ainsley is in Kindergarten and teaching the class herself...Okay, so she is not teaching but I am sure if she was given the opportunity for an audience she will take it. She is also very excited about her class.

At open house the other night we were asked to fill out sheets on our children. The first question was, "What is your child interested in?" Kevin quickly answered Lincoln's with "Lego's, drawing, basketball". I was left to answer Ainsley's and it was really tough. Ainsley is very active and into everything but doesn't really have a "favorite". I thought on it and finally found myself writing "socializing". I could think of nothing more accurate. I turned to Ainsley and asked her what she liked about school and she quickly responded, "Lunch time". So in a way, our answers were the same because I am sure her lunches are spent mostly "socializing".

getting so big!

We have had a great summer but I am glad to have the kids back in school. Lincoln and Ainsley had gotten to the point that they were going to bed fighting and waking up fighting. They need some time to appreciate what good siblings they have. 

My babies are growing up, I don't know how it happens so quick


  1. They are so adorable! Love the update.

  2. LOL Very cute! Our school doesn't start for a few more weeks. I'm kind of ready for it NOW. :) Glad everybody is doing well.